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Innocelf has had the great pleasure of working with clients from around the world - here are the kind words they had to say about our work...

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Pranita from Innocelf has been a guide to me in my pursuit for patent filing. She is very knowledgeable of the technology industry and performs good research to provide assessment of patentability of your innovation. As an individual inventor the person tends to focus too much on the technical content and does not realize the 360 degree view of the other comparable work out there. Pranita worked closely with me and was open for dialogue whenever I had any question. She was quick to pick up on the learning of a new field of human psychology and its connection with technology. I would easily recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in patent research and filing.

Dr. Abhishek V.
July 2022

"Pranita did a great job with a patentability search. Her report was complete and had all supporting documentation. She completed the work on time."

Stephen V.*
July 2022

"Pranita provided invaluable assistance to me doing patent and trademark research. She is polite, thoughtful, quick, and extremely skilled. I would not hesitate to hire her again. Not for a second."

David A.*
January 2022

"Pranita was wonderful to work with, answered all of our questions clearly so even a non-patent expert could understand, and gave us a thorough and complete report that saved us a lot of time, money, and headaches. We would recommend her very highly."

Dan M.*
February 2022

"Very very thorough work! Searched through tens of thousands of Patents for me. Easily digestible findings. Hired twice, will hire again in the future!"

Megan Q.*
February 2022

"Great experience working with Pranita! She is an expert in her field! I highly recommend hiring her!"

Steve M.*
January 2022

"It was a pleasure working with Pranita! It was my first provisional patent but she walked me through each step and answered all my questions! She was professional and requested an NDA before any information was transferred and was so quick at getting to work on my provisional patent. She even made suggestions to the wording to make the patent have more coverage which made it even better!! I can’t wait to work with her for the final patent again soon!"

Jade B.*
March 2022

"Pranita is not only a pleasure to work with, she's extremely competent, prompt, polite, flexible, and thorough. I would hire her again without question."

David A.*
January 2021

I felt Pranita was experienced, knowledgeable and responsible. She quickly understood the issues I was having with a patent application and set us on a path of corrective action. Beyond the Patent process, I felt Pranita developed a good understanding of our Claims and was able to update our Specifications accordingly. She sized all her tasks correctly and was clear and methodical throughout. I would definitely work with her again.

Faisal H.*
November 2021

"Amazing and Fast Work! Perfect for any looking for IP protection. Plus, her fees are MORE than fair for the excellent work product she produces. I am looking forward to filing several more patents."

Clint W.*
July 2021

Pranita was timely and professional. A pleasure to work with!

Nell B.*
June 2021

I had a specific challenge for Pranita and she excelled at it. She provided a detailed, thorough, and convincing analysis. If you get the chance, hire her!

Matt L.*
September 2021

Pranita is a real gem of a find. She is thoughtful, conscientious, detail oriented, timely and assiduous. She is patient and you don’t feel rushed to ‘get it over with’ so she can get on with another client. I would definitely rehire her.

Kumar C.
May 2021

"Pranita did a fantastic job with my patent research. Will use her again on my next project!"

Heather S.*
October 2021

Pranita was a great help and excellent worker. She was very positive and completed our tasks in a timely manner. I would recommend Pranita for anyone needing a patent or other patent help in the future.

Jason M.*
June 2020

Pranita was a pleasure to work with! Great work in a timely fashion. Highly recommend.

Jared B.*
March 2021

Pranita conducted a thorough patent search for our company and compiled a detailed report. When we asked her to expand the search later, she graciously agreed. Great communication and excellent work!

Jacob R.*
March 2021

Pranita is fantastic at patent searching and is prompt, professional, and kind. Innocelf, LLC is a pleasure to work with!

Katherine K.
March 2021

Quick and efficient service - walked me through the steps and made me comfortable with what could have been a very confusing process.

Jeffry A.*
March 2021

Absolutely perfect work, flawlessly done, everything well explained. Thank you for taking care of this difficult project so well.

Kumar D.*
December 2020

I liked working with Pranita as she was effective and quick to get the job done.

Jack K.*
December 2020

Great Work!

Ron B.*
December 2020

What an incredible pleasure it was to work with her. She is fast, professional and extremely knowledgeable. It is hard to find people like this.

Tim D.*
November 2020

I was quite pleased with the scope of work performed, regarding the patent search report. I appreciate the professionalism! Couldn't have done it without Pranita.

David H.*
October 2020

Pranita Dharmadhikari has been great to work with and we will continue to use her in the future. We have used her on multiple projects for patent research and all were completed in a timely manner and the final results were very well prepared. Highly recommended.

Lennie F.*
October 2020

Amazing Work, Very Detailed , Clear, Coherent And Thorough Information. Cannot Ask For More. Thank You

Kumar D.*
September 2020

Working with Pranita was a great experience. I highly suggest hiring her for patent research. The job she did was thorough and complete and she was great to work with. The project went smooth and efficiently. 5 stars!

Katrina G.*
February 2021

Pranita fulfilled the project and surpassed expectations in a VERY timely manner. I certainly recommend her work!

Eric G.*
January 2021

I am blessed to have Innocelf to support my IP protection. The founder, Pranita is very dedicated and punctual in her work. I found her always well studied and prepared for the discussions . She has a sound knowledge base and confident of the deliverables. I wish all the best to Innocelf for multifold growth in future.

Dr. Anubha K.
January 2021

I found Pranita's work professional and of high quality. I will definitely work with you again on my next projects, and I encourage my friends to work with you.

Nael M.
January 2021

Pranita is everything you could want or need in regards to patent work. She is detailed, efficient, a hard worker, diligent, and also, as a bonus, she is very pleasant to work with. She helped me from patent search to final filing and I was very impressed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their patent. You will not be disappointed!

Robin B.
December 2020

Pranita's years of IP experience and educational credentials truly come through in each and every IP project she produces. She is an expert in her field and a pleasure to work with. I am grateful for her contributions both as a Patent Summer Intern and now a contract supplier for my firm. I highly recommend Pranita for patent and trademark searches for your business.

Randi K.
October 2020

Pranita is a good person to work with. I appreciate and respect her work.

Robin B.
November 2020

I have had the pleasure of working with Pranita over the last 6 months while I put together and finalized a very important patent application. Pranita was flexible, attentive and went over and above to make sure that I was able to meet a very tight schedule, despite having to deal with competing timelines from my formulation team. Pranita’s guidance and experience with pharmaceutical patents was paramount in ensuring that the final product was ready for application. I would absolutely recommend Pranita for anybody needing help with the patenting process, specifically as it relates to the pharmaceutical industry. I will be keeping her contact close for future guidance!

Adam M.
May 2020