Pranita Photo
Masters in Patent Practice,
Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
Masters in Pharmacology,
University of Pune, India
Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Mumbai University, India

American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA)

Patent Information Users Group, Inc.

Hi, I am Pranita Dharmadhikari

I started Innocelf, LLC with a mission to help inventors with intellectual property rights (IPR or IP) protection and propel them forward on their patent journey. Patent law can be convoluted with pioneer technologies or around an improvement on an existing technology. My mission for Innocelf, is therefore, to provide extensive and concentrated search results that will not only be useful in the grander patent process but will also help you understand the nuances of the patent process.

I am committed to providing high quality patent research and opinions that will make it clear whether your idea is patentable or not. I will untangle some of those intricacies through the detailed and efficient reports you will receive. All inventions are unique and Innocelf with me will cater to those inventions at a personal level, yet encompass analysis from existing patents, licenses and products out there. I will make sure your idea does not infringe on others'. At Innocelf we use international patent and non-patent literature databases as well as some exclusive databases that help us in finding products that are not patented but are in production.

Before Innocelf, I have worked in a combination of pharmaceutical companies, law firms, research analytics firms and law clinics for ~7 years in different capacities related to patent research, drafting and prosecution. However, Innocelf targets only one aspect of these three avenues: patent research. Here, I have met amazing mentors who have and continue to better me in this profession.

What led me into this profession was an invention I had developed in my sophomore year. I believed it had great value but did not know how to protect it back then. It would have been a help to the community if I had pursued patenting it and brought it into the public domain. Alas, the knowledge of such protections was not mentioned in my school. With Innocelf I want to provide this guidance to all inventors so they can achieve cost efficiency, transparency and make their inventions useful to the public while earning monetary or other benefits.

Our Mission


To empower all inventors out there with relevant patent and market information to enable them to pursue patenting their inventions.

Belief in the New:

To believe in new ideas and supporting invention rights of small businesses, solo inventors and private sellers.

Our Values

Idea Protection:

Every idea deserves a protection and we believe every inventor should understand the invention protection process.

Client Care:

Our clients are the most important to us. We strive to provide exactly what our clients need. Majority of our brainstorming process is gleaning over client feedback.

Optimum Quality:

We are committed to delivering the very best; from client support to patent search results to patentability opinions. Great quality is the base where Innocelf's pyramid stands on.

What Do Our Clients Say?